What Purposes Illustrations Serve – Read on To Find Out

It is in the nature of human beings to check out illustrations in a book even before reading the text. That means illustrations can be helpful when it comes to attracting reluctant readers into reading books. Illustrations are used in storybooks, learning materials, and what not to invoke visual interest in readers. If it’s a storybook, then illustration styles can help reflect the narrative tone of the story so that readers can comprehend the theme with the help of visual clues.


There are hundreds of other purposes that illustrations serve. Some of them have been dished out here-

  • When it comes to information, illustrations can help present it most efficiently. With the help of illustrations, you cannot just clarify information but also present it in a way that seems interesting and easy to digest.
  • When you read a book in a language that you don’t quite understand, you learn the importance of illustrations, without anyone having to tell you. Since small kids have the same problem with language, illustrative books are simply perfect for them. 
  • People with disabilities and learning difficulties can benefit immensely from illustrative books. With the help of illustrations, understanding the theme of a story becomes somewhat easier for them.
  • Illustrations are an amazing tool used in books to entertain readers and engage them for long. Yes, illustrations have the capability to take you to an entirely different world altogether. They guide your thinking while you have a read.
  • Images have this ability to stimulate one’s senses. Not just that, they also trigger various emotional responses in readers. Plus, illustrations can support imagination by enriching it. With an image right in front, while reading a book, you get to look at things from someone else’s eyes. So, it opens up your thinking and also boosts the imaginative process.
  • A lot of people feel illustrations are for people, places and objects that do not exist in real life. That is far from reality. Yes, things like that can definitely be represented with illustrations, but that is not the only purpose Illustrations serve. They have always been successfully used to depict the world as is, narrate original stories and draw real-life characters. There is simply no limit to what an illustration can depict or express.
  • Illustrations simply offer personality to a book packed with words. Starting from humor and charm to appeal, a lot get incorporated into a book when illustrations are used in it. With proper illustrations, any kind of emotion, whether it is of anger or grief or joy, can be fully expressed. It can also make the message conveyed in a book clearer. And that is probably the reason why childrens book covers often carry amusing Illustrations.
  • Illustrations also help in the branding of products. Hence, they can be considered an important part of advertising and marketing. 


With the right illustrations, a book can be made a hundred times more engaging. Hence, if you are thinking of publishing a book, don’t forget to hire a competent illustrator to create relevant illustrations for it.

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