Know what makes CBSE school in Noida the Best

Best CBSE Schools in Noida Have earned a good reputation for themselves in the education world. With experience of years in providing quality education at the best price, these schools are accredited by many national and international authoritative bodies. Located in Noida, NCR region of Delhi is a marvel in itself and it offers a beautiful ambience to the overall study as per the CBSE pattern. There are many courses offered to the students which range from long term academic and extracurricular Year courses to short term General Language Skills. These courses have specified a language skill level that is determined prior to the admission.

Facilities offered

The modern and futuristically designed campus of Best CBSE School in Noida mostly hasan architectural marvel and attracts many students every year. The campus as per CBSE accreditation has free wireless internet facility and students can access Wi-Fi throughout the centre. The centre offers many activities to the students including outdoor activities and social programs that are exciting and there is a terrace for the same. The centre also boasts of a computer room that consists of high-end computer stations that are technologically advanced. For music enthusiasts, there is a piano. The centre also has a Student Lounge for students to refresh and spend quality time with friends. This Student Lounge consists of many amenities and appliances like microwave, refrigerator among others. There is a cafeteria that serves hygienic food at affordable prices and is open only to CBSE students.

The large rooms of the Best CBSE School in Noida have been used as classrooms. These classrooms located in this language school have a serene atmosphere. A computer room with highly advanced software’s and high-speed internet connection is located in the school where students can learn various languages in a more interactive and modern way. These schools generally have a learning centre where students can self-study in a quiet atmosphere. This learning centre has all the learning materials and books required for learning and understanding Indian as well as foreign languages. There is a terrace on top of this magnificent palace, where extra-curricular activities and social gathering are held. Vending machines are present at many places in this language centre and students can enjoy beverages in their free time. There is also a Student Lounge for students to relax and meet their friends. This Lounge has all the amenities required like a refrigerator, microwave, television etc. The students of CBSE Noida can access wireless internet for free as the centre is Wi-Fi enabled.

Accommodation and social life

There are three accommodation options provided to the students of Top 10 CBSE School in Noida. In Hostel Stay, the students stay with the host families and are provided with private rooms.  The families can be retired couples or single owners. Students are also provided a quiet place for study. These schools further arrange for the hotel stay for its students. There are 2, 3 and 4-star hotels to choose from. Student Residence is a good choice for students as they can spend quality time with international friends.

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