Buying your First Car? The Ultimate Checklist


So, you went and passed your driving test first time, with flying colours! Congrats on that one and as buying your first car is an exciting time in anyone’s life, here is our ultimate checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • The Car – Time should be taken when buying a car and you must choose between new and second-hand model. If this is your first car, you will likely go down the used car route and by calculating a monthly sum that you can afford, you can find out how much the loan provider would lend you for the purchase of a car. There are many makes and models to choose from and think fuel economy when choosing a vehicle, which will keep your motoring costs down to an acceptable level.
  • Road Legal – Once you have made the vehicle purchase, search online for a leading Thai car insurer, such as, where you will find the best deals and with a secure online payment, you are instantly covered! Road tax is another must have and most cars have some time remaining on the road tax disc (new cars are already registered), while any car that is older than 5 years must be inspected on an annual basis to check for roadworthiness. Of course, you must be in possession of a valid driving licence before getting behind the wheel.
  • Understanding of Vehicle Maintenance – One of the prices you pay for the luxury of car ownership is the maintenance that is required. The manufacturer specifies service intervals (see owner’s manual) and also states what needs to be checked and replaced and you should have the car serviced in line with recommended mileage. It helps if you have a basic understanding of how an internal combustion engine works, plus have knowledge of brake and steering systems; the Internet is a wealth of information and a few hours surfing the web will acquaint you with the inner workings of your car. Here are good content about teach yourself to repair your car.
  • Car Care – Most motorists have their car detailed on a weekly basis, while others prefer to get out the bucket, sponge and garden hose and wash the car at the weekend. Either way, you should clean the exterior and interior when required to keep your car looking good. Stick a couple of air fresheners on the dash to help keep a sweet aroma in the vehicle and have the interior detailed once a month.
  • Vehicle Security – Do invest in some form of car security; a gearshift lock or installing an alarm will deter car thieves and always lock the vehicle when you leave it.

If you have your own personal covered parking spot, all is well, but if the car is left outside, you might want to consider buying a car cover, which fits snugly and will protect against heat and keep the dust off. Click here for government information about driving in Thailand, which will prove to be useful.

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