GMAT: A Mini Guide


Thinking of appearing for the GMAT? Not sure how to navigate through it? We got you covered! We have created a guide to the GMAT wherein we have discussed everything you need to know — from registration, the registration fee, syllabus, score range, and the preparation procedure. So read on!


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a test for students and young professionals wishing to pursue a management degree abroad or in India. The GMAT is globally recognised and is a multiple-choice paper-based examination. It is conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

The GMAT consists of four components — Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The exam lasts around three and half hours and each section is timed accordingly. The Analytical writing and Integrated reasoning are for 30 minutes each. However, the Verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning are timed at 65 and 62 minutes respectively.

GMAT score range

The scores of the Verbal and Quantitative reasoning are each scored between 0 to 60. The Integrated reasoning scores range from 1 to 8 and the score increases by a one- point increment, whereas the Analytical writing is scored between 0 to 6 and the score increases by half-point increments. The sum of the Verbal and Quantitative reasoning makes up for the total GMAT score. The total score ranges from 200 to 800. The average GMAT score lies anywhere between 550 to 600. A good score is any score above 700.

GMAT dates

There are no specific GMAT dates for 2021, the GMAT is offered all year long. Hence, you can take the exam based on your comfort and on your preferred date. However, when selecting your preferred date, keep in mind your university application deadlines and select your test dates accordingly.

GMAT registration

Are you wondering how you can register yourself for the GMAT? There are about three ways to register for the GMAT — online registration, registration through phone and through postal mail. However, the most popular way isonline GMAT registration. Registering for the GMAT online is a rather easy and simple process. Here is how you can register for the GMAT:

  1. Log onto the official GMAT website and create an account
  2. Once you have created your account, you will have to fill in your basic details and academic qualifications.
  3. After you’ve submitted your details, you can choose the dates of your GMAT exam and your preferred test centre.
  4. After choosing your dates and test centre you are required to pay the registration fee.
  5. Once the payment is done, you have successfully registered for the GMAT.

GMAT preparation

A couple of general pointers to prepare efficiently for the GMAT are as follows:

  1. Draft a productive study plan and space out an equal amount of time for each component.
  2. Brush up your fundamental concepts for each section thoroughly.
  3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and allot an extra amount of time to work on whichever subject/concept you are weak in. 
  4. Make sure to take enough breaks in between the preparation process to avoid an early emotional and physical burnout.
  5. Create a schedule for each day and also accommodate some time to read and develop a strong command over the English language. This will also help build and expand your vocabulary.
  6. The preparation process will extend over months, so it is wise to keep revising the fundamental concepts. The best way to do so is by referring to as many sample GMAT question papers as possible for your preparation.

We hope this GMAT mini guide helped! Now all you need to do is start your preparation and ace the GMAT!

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