Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lift up marketing.

What is lift up marketing? This is the latest technology in advertisements. The first company of lift up marketing was set at Delhi in July 2017. Therefore, captivate lift advertising is a great success.

In lift up marketing, companies use to promote their brands or products in the lifts and elevators. Therefore, the lifts and elevators choose for the advertisements are of residential areas and the areas where a large number of people live. People easily get attracted towards these type of advertisements that’s why this marketing is becoming a success.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lift up marketing? There are so many advantages and disadvantages to this marketing. Some of them are discussed below. Have a look at these:

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  1. A limited number of the audience: This is one of the major drawbacks of these services. Some of the ads are micro-targeted to special buildings and society only. The drawback of these services is that your ad will not be seen by all the people. The ad will be seen by only a limited number of people. Therefore, in simple words, all the people of society’s or buildings do not use elevators of lifts. That’s why the advertisements will be seen to a limited number of people.
  2. Cost of high ends: These services are very much costly. Advertisements of your brands or products through lift up services can create a lot of cost burden on you. These are the services in which there are extra charges for everything. Therefore, this kind of servicing can result in high-cost ends. This is again one of the disadvantages of this service.
  3. Irritation factor: Sometimes, these advertisements become a thing of irritation to people. The people who watch these sites are the captive audience. Therefore, the people watching these ads daily gets irritated from them. That’s why we can say this is the worst style of advertising.
  4. Multiple locations: The location cost of an elevator is misleading. As because to do advertising people need to paste ads at multiple locations. Therefore, the profit in business will be less. These are the disadvantages of Lift up marketing services.


  1. Gains proper attraction of people: This method of advertisements attract the people towards them. Therefore, the productivity of the brands and products increases on a large scale. Therefore, this is the best method of advertisements.
  2. Reach all the people: These types of services are the best because they reach all the people. In simple words, advertising through lift up services can help you out in reaching those people also who are not reachable. That’s why people say these are the best services for advertising. These are some of the advantages of Lift up marketing services.

People should use the elevator advertising method to attract more and more people towards them.

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