Why does the Cyber Security is Important?

More than ever, the digitization of businesses is accelerating. This translates into a massive dematerialization of information systems into the cloud, the explosion of the Internet of Things. In this context, cyberattacks linked to digital transformation are increasing.

The main risk induced by the digital transformation is the professionalization of cybercrime in the face of a clearly insufficient level of protection for businesses. We should also mention the development of massive cyber attacks such as ransomeware, Internet fraud, the loss of sensitive data and the risks inherent in Cloud computing.

Cyber security is a need for IT sector

Cyber security is at the heart of today’s business concerns, which is hardly surprising when you see the number of cyber attacks they face. Cyber security consulting services provide optimum security, which has become everyone’s business need: every employee must apply good practices, especially with regard to passwords. In companies, password management must become more professional. Find in this article all the good practices to adopt.

There are many examples of cyberattacks linked to digital transformation. In the field of IT sector, a recent study has shown that almost all of the companies available on the industry use insufficiently secure wireless technologies. Hackers have indicated that it is possible to infiltrate the system of these companies. In the retail sector, a large number of distributors have been victims of theft of customer data in recent years.


As you will have understood, the challenges of cyber security are by no means to be taken lightly. However, there are solutions to each attack and it is necessary to adopt good practices in order to protect yourself as much as possible. If you are looking for an IT security professional, please do not hesitate to contact for cyber security training online. They have all the expertise required to help you protect your company’s IT infrastructure.

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