Difference Between HRIS And HRMS?

While a group of employers search “HRIS software India”, others search “HRMS software India”. But what is the difference between both software? 

Frankly, HRMS and HRIS are two sides of the same coin. In fact, the Human Resource Management System and Human Resource Information System are also treated the same sometimes. However, there are some major differences between them. Whether a company goes ahead with an HRMS or HRIS, the decision should be made carefully based on the following differences. 

Take a look!! 

Human Resource Management System


Human Resource Information System


HRMS mainly focuses on every HR activity and processes related to employees, that is, from their recruitment to their retirement. That means the complete HR functioning with employee or candidate tracking. 

It also helps users to carry out tasks, examine critical data, build and manage numerous reports. Plus, a good HRMS also includes the functioning and details of HRIS.

An HRIS is limited to the complete employee data only. 
An HRMS software in India factors in dynamic data including attendance, payroll, leaves, performance, ESS, rosters, meetings, appraisal, and various other important schedules as well.  An HRIS software in India factors in static information such as permanent or current residential address, educational qualifications or credentials, contact information, tax details, official ID numbers and information, tax or official advantages and various other details.
A Human Resource Management System benefits various core HR activities along with regulated workflows, particularly for internal employee performances as well as activities. A Human Resource Information System benefits a regular tracking, particularly for the administration department.
HRMS software can become more streamlined using automation. This makes it an interesting process along with every information well-defined, helping easy decision-making for the management, the managers or heads of an organization, and the team leaders.   

HRMS solutions help employee satisfaction to sustain a good HR culture in a company.

With the use of HRIS, recruitment management can be done more easily. 

From creating job postings, acquiring online applications or resumes, hiring, helping to manage candidates, the whole hiring process becomes much easier and faster.

So, these are some of the principal differences between HRMS and HRIS. 

I hope the whole blog made things a bit easier for you all. Now that you can differentiate between both HR solutions, the very next step one should do is evaluating the needs of their organization. This way, one can easily determine which HR solution is the best fit for them. Regardless of the size, both HRMS and HRIS can help different companies in different ways. Hence, it is solely up to an organization to choose whichever software they want to.

Now, one may ask- why is it even important to buy any one of them? Because using such systems will help a company unify various different HR tasks and put it into one place. And this will directly increase efficiency, enhance productivity and cut down operational expenses. When your company grows, automatically the needs also grow. Thus, choose an HR system that will grow with you!!!


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