Why Visiting Your Local Pawn Shop Is A Good Idea When You Are In Need

You’ve seen the ads and the neon signs. You’ve heard how great these gold buyers are from friends and family and you might have thought much about them until now. You may be in a financial pinch and considering options of getting yourself out of the temporary financial setback. Selling your gold is definitely one viable way you can go about raising the cash you desperately need. There are good and bad stories floating around pawn shop but for every bad pawn broker, there are ten others who are not out to swindle you. They are just out to make an honest living whilst they provide a critical service when and where it is needed. With so many gold buyers and pawnbrokers in Melbourne arming yourself with information about what you should expect will help you get the best solution.

Instant cash

We’ve all had unexpected things happen to us, these things would have need money to resolve, like the time your car wouldn’t start because of a problem that only a mechanic can fix. Calling one out costs money and the repairs will also cost money. If you have friends and family that can lend you what you need then great. But many friendships have been ruined over disputes over loans. If you have valuable items in your home, then you can always take them to a pawn shop and get instant cash. The problem with pawnshops however is that they aren’t meant to give out big loans.


If you have gold that you can use as collateral for your loan but you are not exactly happy to let it go for good then a Melbourne pawnshop is the best place to take them for instant cash. However, should you fail to pay back the loan that the pawn shop issued against your gold, you forfeit and the pawn shop can sell the gold. The loan period is usually over 30 days but it can go as far as 4 months depending on the pawn shop. Contrary to popular belief, a pawnbroker would rather have you reclaim your items instead of forfeiting them when you forfeit your pawned items, the pawnbroker has to work hard to get the item to sell at a profit. Pawn loans are better than other conventional loans like bank loans or payday loans because if you do fail to repay the loan that is not reported to any credit bureaus. Having bad credit is also not an issue when taking out a pawn loan, you can have the lowest credit score but that wouldn’t even matter to a pawnbroker. Your valuable items used as collateral should be able to cover a default.

Interest on Pawning

When you get a pawn loan, you’ll have 30 days to come up with the loan repayment and other fees. You will need more that what you got as a loan to redeem your article. Unfortunately, there is no hiding from interest, it is standard practice. What isn’t standard is the percentage. The interest rates on pawn loans tend to differ from store to store. The good thing is that you will know what you have to pay including the interest before you sign the pawn loan agreement, so you are not surprised at the end.

Do pawnshops always give the lowest offers?

First thing, first. Pawnbrokers make money by buying and selling used items be it lawnmowers or diamond earrings.A Melbourne Pawnshop can offer a life line when people find themselves in financial dire straits. However, pawnshops are businesses and as such they are out to make as much profit as possible so they can meet their own obligations that include paying staff, rent and utilities and other costs that go into running a business. So, they are always looking for bargains. It is up to the customer to negotiate a better price.

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